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Express Yourself Expeditors, LLC is located in Anchorage, Alaska and specializes in supplying groceries from major warehouse club and local stores to the people that live and work through out rural Alaska.

Our dedicated staff, modern equipment and technological advantages, are just a few reasons we are "The #1 Alaskan Expeditor of Choice". We are committed to treating each customer individually, ensuring customer satisfaction on every order.

This is an exclusive service for the people that live and work in rural Alaska and beyond.  If you’re in an Alaskan bush community, we want your business!



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Alaska Bush Communities





A great group of people always willing to help whenever they can... I just love working with a group of honest hard working people that put customer service #1. Thank you to Chris and her crew for all their years of great service!"
Scott C.
Bonanza Express/Nome Outfitters


Questions & Assistance

For any questions or assistance, please call:

1-800-248-4419 or fill out the following form.  Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us!

Express Yourself Expeditors, LLC


PO Box 11-0396

Anchorage, AK 99511


12150 Industry Way

Building Q Units 3-5

Anchorage, AK 99515


Tel: 1-800-248-4419, Anchorage (907) 346-1999

Fax: 1-877-346-1330

Call for more information! 




Are there service charges?

Our minimum charge of  $35.00 applies to each order.


Grocery Items:  the service charge is 26.75% of the cost of the groceries.

On higher dollar items like furniture, electronics, appliances, beds and equipment: Please call 1-800-248-4419 for a  special quote. 


Packaging material charge:  this covers the cost of a regular box, labeling and strapping.  Charge is  $3.99 per finished parcel. (This is primarily for grocery shipping but can apply to other merchandise  that requires some protection during the shipping process)


Custom Packaging:  Please call for a quote


Fuel surcharge: at this time is computed at .04875% (of the goods purchase price) with a max. charge not to exceed $100.00. 

Transportation charges are dependent on the mode of transportation requested. USPS, Air Freight, Truck & Bypass Mail

Deliveries to air freight companies located at Ted Stevens International Airport. Please call for pricing.

Stop Fee:  If we shop at any Anchorage vendor other than Costco, there will be a charge of $30.00 per stop, plus the normal service fee.


Do you have an online catalog?

At this time we do not have an online catalog. But, we have some warehouse store information that consists of what the store usually carries in their inventory. The lists have the product name, description of what it is, the product ID number and the sell price.

To request this information, please call our office 1-800-248-4419 or email us your request. Email your order items and the quantity needed to  Once received, you will be contacted by email or telephone to verify your order, preferred shipping mode, and payment information.


How and when do I pay for my order?​

All orders are paid for before they can leave our warehouse. Payment information is required at the time the order is placed. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo. Payments can also be made by bank transfer to Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

Do you shop at all stores in Anchorage?

Yes, Express Yourself Expeditors will  pickup merchandise from  any store or vendor in the Anchorage area. To cover labor & transportation costs a stop fee of  $10.00 for each stop  will be charged.  


Can you provide an estimate of our cost if we provide you with a list of the items to be purchased and shipping zip code?

Sorry, we cannot provide cost estimates on products. However, we can give you an estimate on Bypass Mail shipping cost if you provide us with the destination zip code, total weight of merchandise to be shipped and what types of merchandise. The estimate will be in a range of amount per lb, with a final cost after it is prepared and ready to tender to the carrier. On USPS parcel post rates, we can give you a percentage of the merchandise cost.  For further information on USPS rates contact the post office and for Air freight call the carriers.


How long will it take to process my order?

Regular Order Processing: Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Most orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days, (Mon-Fri) and then delivered to the carrier of your choice.  Once in a while it may take longer to process orders due to order back log or sometimes due to the weather or the time of year. 

Expedited Order Processing: this service is available for a additional charge - Orders that  require expedited processing within 48 hours from the time it is received or after normal business hours or requires work on major holidays or weekends will be charged a fee of $125.00 over and above all other charges. The customer has to request this service when the order is placed with Express Yourself  Expeditors.

What about freshness with meat, produce and fresh fruit orders?

We only purchase fresh produce and meats if they appear to be in good condition. The best way we have found to ship these products is by air freight. All fresh meats will be frozen before they are shipped by air freight  or bypass mail only.  

Please be aware that fresh meat packages  have a "Sell by Date" on each package.  There is a good chance that you will receive your fresh meat order after the listed date has expired.  We will purchase and freeze all fresh meat before the "Sell by Date" has expired. 


Can you send our merchandise to us by Bypass Mail?

Yes. As one of the largest independent bypass mail shippers in the state, we are prepared to 
send all  of your freeze, chill and  dry grocery items Bypass Mail to over 125 Alaskan villages.

To qualify to be able to use the Bypass Mail program you need to have a min. of 1000 lbs of grocery merchandise.  Please beware that no oversize/weight parcels or haz-mat can be shipped bypass mail,

The big advantage to using the bypass mail system is that you can send chill and freeze items along with your dry merchandise for less cost then it would normally be if you  sent the same weight by air freight and the merchandise is delivered right to your business/residence location. 

To request a quote on your next bypass order call 907-346-1999, please be prepared to supply us with approximate total weight of your shipment, dollar value of the merchandise you are sending, the address where the shipment is going to and payment information.

Can I pay for my order with a Quest Card?

No, Express Yourself Expeditors can not accept Quest Cards for payment. However our sister company, Mailbox Groceries Alaska, can take Quest cards for grocery purchases, postage and air freight for perishables. Find them at


Can you ship our merchandise to rural Alaska if we package it?

No. Any package that is not packed by Express Yourself Expeditors cannot be shipped by us, due to USPS and TSA rules. Please call our office at 1-907-346-1999 for further information.


Do you accept COD?

Sorry, we do not accept COD orders. 


Will you substitute items that might not be available?

You make the choice to allow substitutions. If you do not want to sub products that's okay, but please be aware that sometimes this means that you will get nothing in it's place.


Does Express Yourself Expeditors deliver in Anchorage?

Not at this time. We cater to the people that live and work in Rural Alaska. We cannot pick up your purchased items and deliver to an Anchorage address unless it is a transportation company, shipping company, airlines, trucking, marine or freight forwarder. 


Will you shop for my Alaska relatives if I live in another city or state?

Certainly! You can shop for your Alaska Bush family and pay for their order with your credit card. 


Can you consolidate merchandise from several different vendors and send it all in one shipment?

Yes. Our full service warehouse is open Monday through Friday to accept orders from your vendors. Or we will be happy to arrange pickup from your vendors. Once at our warehouse, the merchandise can be all verified, packaged and shipped by Bypass Mail, USPS or Air Carrier to your destination.  Call our office at 346-1999 for further information.


What if I have a problem with a order?

Answer: As soon as you receive your order, and there appears to be a problem,  please contact our office at 1-907-346-1999.  We will do our best to try to resolve any issues. We are proud of our customer service!

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